What You Need to Know About Drone Firmware

Drone Firmware DJI PhantomKeeping your drone firmware updated is extremely important. Every firmware update will contain fixes for bugs and can even include new features and improvements.  Not only is updating your firmware important, but doing it correctly also counts. There are a number of great practices to ensure your drone firmware is updated as smoothly as possible. If something goes wrong, or there is a mistake, you could be faced with a number of problems. Here we offer you a few simple tips to help ensure your drone firmware updates are performed safely:

Be Patient

Never rush a firmware update. Most updates to your drone firmware can take at least 1.5 hours. Don’t forget your remote. If you own a dji phantom, 3dr solo, or a dji inspire, you may also have to update the remote controller firmware to the latest version.

On Land

Drone FirmwareDo not perform firmware updates while the drone is still flying in the air. Only carry out firmware updates when the aircraft is on land. Also, you should remove the propellers before starting the firmware update.

Charge All Batteries

Have at least 50 percent power in your batteries before starting the update.  A best practice is to have fully charged batteries in both the drone and remote controller.


Make sure you have a good Internet connection when downloading the firmware update package. If you loose Internet while downloading the firmware package, it would be better to delete the part of the package that downloaded and start again.

Time, Space, and Quiet

Ensure you have plenty of space and a quiet area so you can concentrate on the upgrade. If things go wrong, you may have to start all over. Still, updating your drone firmware is the best way to ensure it is flying at its greatest capacity.

Check out DroneFly.com for more information about personal drones and firmware updates.