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If you’re somewhat of a novice when it comes to real-life flying experience, then the Sky Drone Pro could be the perfect launchpad for your career up in the sky. Designed to be easy for all to use, the Sky Drone Pro’s most notable claim to flying fame is that it features Headless Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), meaning the direction the drone moves is relative to you rather than the position of the drone itself. In layman’s terms, this allows for much easier flight control for the user. Aside from its other stabilising features such as six-axis technology and Omni-directional control which allows for stable control mid-flight, the Sky Drone Pro can lay claim to boasting a mightily impressive 2MP camera that feeds directly back to your smartphone via the integrated Wi-Fi. For a full specification list please see the features tab. You won’t be disappointed. We promise. Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines

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