DJI Phantom Quadcopters

The DJI Phantom quadcopters have evolved from the Phantom 1 to the new Phantom 3 which is now available in three models. It is an exciting, innovative, feature rich collection of quadcopters that has impressed both amateur and professional photographers alike. You too can enjoy all these multirotors have to offer by selecting one that suits your budget.

The DJI Phantom 1 (now discontinued but stock still available from a variety of sources) was an entry level quadcopter that was very popular. This was followed by the Phantom FC40 with built in camera, also discontinued now.

The innovative and very popular Phantom 2 variations allow you to use your own GoPro and give you the flexibility to change and enhance as you see fit.

ThePhantom Vision Plus is an all in one ready to fly quadcopter that needed nothing other than your smartphone or tablet to complete the package, but this has now been replaced with the Phantom 3, which is the latest and has a suite of new features and enhancements including some that have been copied from the Inspire 1.

The DJI Phantom 3 range (Standard, Advanced, and Professional) were launched in the first half of 2015 and raised the standard again by introducing a host of new features, including live video streaming.