DJI Phantom 2 v2.0

Building on the success and popularity of the original Phantom 1 DJI developed the v2.0. With its new 11.1V 5200mah battery the flight time has been increased to up to 25 minutes. It is rugged, easily transportable, and surprisingly easy to fly. With a little practice you’ll soon develop confidence and flying skills and you can then start experimenting with camera shots and angles.

The intelligent battery provides capacity and charging data, as well as reminders for battery maintenance, putting you in control of power management. The battery is easily removed and replaced without the need to connect wires. The transmitter has self-centering sticks which, when released, leave the quadcopter fixed in position thanks to the built-in GPS and compass. Self-tightening propellers mean you can hand spin your props on and they will tighten fully when the motors are engaged.

One of the most impressive features of the Phantom range is the integrated GPS and auto-pilot. Conventional radio controlled model aircraft require consistent control input in order to stay airborne and stable in flight, but the Phantom can stay at a fixed height and position leaving you free to operate the camera and to take the shot.

The fail-safe ‘Go Home’ feature means that the quadcopter will fly back to the take-off point if it loses connection with the transmitter, for whatever reason e.g. flying outside of the signal range, loss of batter power in the transmitter etc.

They have also made it much easier to fit the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00JAY4CZ6″ locale=”UK” tag=”copterdrones-21″]Zenmuse H3-3D[/easyazon_link] or H3-4D gimbal* for your GoPro camera*. Unlike the original Phantom you won’t need a soldering iron and the gimbal and its camera can be fitted by following a few simple instructions. Other UAV payloads can be fitted using the Can Bus hub, giving you additional flexibility and options.

The Phantom 2 is a stable flying platform to which the sUAV pilot can fit a selection of components. As well as a gimbal and camera there is also the DJI Lightbridge 2.4G full HD digital video downlink, and the 16 waypoint Ground Station system configured and controlled via an app available for your iPad. Fly a pre-programmed series of waypoints and take shots at each point.

The Phantom 2 is a popular choice because of its flying and handling characteristics, quality finish, and long list of innovative features. This is a drone for keen enthusiasts and professionals.

(*Not included. Sold separately)

DJI Phantom 2 Features

  • Ready to Fly, Multifunctional Quad-rotor System
  • Customized H3-3D Gimbal Support
  • Precision Flight and Stable Hovering
  • 25min Flight Time & Intelligent Battery
  • Auto Return-to-Home & Landing
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
  • Easy Battery Replacement
  • Self-tightening Propeller
  • Video Downlink Support
  • CAN-Bus Expansion Module

DJI Phantom 2 (v2.0) with Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal

The DJI Phantom 2 with H3-3D gimbal is one of the most popular quadcopters on the market today and is flown all over the world by its many fans. The GoPro ready gimbal combined with this stable flying platform means you can enjoy aerial photography within hours of its arrival.

For Phantom 2 + H3-3D: Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal (works with the GoPro® Hero[3 or 3+] camera) is included for extreme camera stability and silky smooth video recording

DJI Phantom 2 (v3.0) with New Zenmuse H4-3D GoPro Gimbal

This version of the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00SHUEPBK” locale=”UK” tag=”copterdrones-21″]DJI Phantom ships with the new Zenmuse H4-3D[/easyazon_link] gimbal as standard making it a RTF quadcopter that can be in use as an aerial photography platform within a few hours of arrival. Only you need to do is charge the battery, calibrate the Phantom and start flying. Full instructions are included in the accessories pack supplied with the drone.

For Phantom 2 + H4-3D: Zenmuse H4-3D gimbal (works with the GoPro® Hero4 Black camera) is included for extreme camera stability and silky smooth video recording.

The latest Phantom 2 comes with the new remote controller, new propulsion system and new compass.

Note: GoPro® camera is NOT included