DJI Flame Wheel ARTF Multirotors

The DJI Flame Wheel ARTF multirotor kits come in three models: two quadcopters, the F330 and the F450, and a hexacopter, the F550.   You will find these drones used widely both by hobbyists who enjoy the self-assembly that allows them to modify and experiment with the components, and among professional aerial photographers for the same reason.

The Flame Wheel’s frame arms are constructed with injection molded PA66 30GF plastic providing strong resilience to crashes. Integrated PCB wiring provides easier and safer connections for the ESCs and battery, while optimised frame design provides plenty of space for autopilot and other components. There is a choice of Frame Arm colours (red, white, or black) for added appeal and to aid orientation.

The DT7 RC system works perfectly with DJI flight control systems requiring only a single D-Bus cable and provides two switches and a gimbal pitch control slider. Combined with a Naza-M flight control system, Flame Wheel series flight platform, and an H3-3D gimbal, this creates an ideal multirotor solution for hobbyists who enjoy self assembly and for professionals who want a smaller drone with more versatility in terms of components.

If you’re new to this kind of multirotor assembly then there are detailed instructions with images and videos within the DJI Wiki pages.