DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations“The Future of Possible”.  That is the motto of DJI Innovations, a company that specializes in producing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for recreational as well as commercial use. They have offices all around the world and one of the largest bodies of employees (500) of any such company. Three of their product lines are described below including the DJI Innovations Phantom, one of their best selling remote controlled drones.

DJI Innovations Phantom

The Phantom, like other DJI products, is built to be sent up into the air and take photographs. It is a quadcopter, with a propeller on each of its four wings, and is so compact that you can easily carry it in your knapsack. A light camera such as a GoPro can be mounted onto the Phantom for taking aerial photographs. Such a device is handy for the person who wants to shoot a panoramic view of an area that he or she is touring but does not have access to an airplane, a mountain or a tall building from which to attain such a perspective.

When you order a Phantom you do not need to mount the hardware or tune the software because all that work has already been done for you. A remote unit is also included in the package.

The Phantom range includes these models; the Phantom 2, the Phantom 2 Vision and Vision Plus, the Phantom FC40, Phantom 3, and Phantom 4.  The Phantom 2 Vision camera can be used in tandem with your smartphone and PC.

First you use the Vision app to format your Micro-SD card. Then insert the card into your computer and download the upgrade package. You can then download any of the instruction manuals from our website and copy them to your Micro-SD card’s root folder. Having done all this, place the card in the Phantom 2 Vision and turn it on. You are now ready to use it!

Spreading Wings

The Spreading Wings line, in which there are three models, has six wings and two feet between which hangs the camera. It is one of the most innovative of DJI’s products, with a damping system that enables the buyer to assemble the helicopter without the need for any additional dampers and frames and to simplify the installation process for other models. The wiring process is further simplified by the integration of the PMU, the gimbals and the Frame Arms into the Center Frame. This structure likewise makes disassembly simpler and reduces the possibility of a malfunction.

Heat radiation is another problem that DJI has worked so ingeniously to solve in designing the Spreading Wings copters. They have installed the ESC components beneath the motors on the inside of the neat Frame Arms. The levels of noise and vibration have been reduced by the special design of its brush motors, which also enables the operator to turn the copter more smoothly and improves the performance and stability of the engine.

Flame Wheel ARF kit

The final ready-to-fly product to be discussed here is the Flame Wheel, a “multi-rotor flying platform for entertaining and amateur AP.” This “crashworthy” copter is built out of ultrastrength material and wiring the ESCs and the battery is safer than with other similar products because of its high-strength compound PCB frame board. The frame design has been optimize to allow enough space for autopilot. Another feature, introduced for esthetic rather than for practical purposes, is the use of red, white and black frame arms to make for a more colorful and entertaining flight.

Update: 2017 and beyond

Since writing the above paragraphs a few years ago DJI have expanded their range and secured a large chunk of the global drone market.  Inspires and Mavics now buzz around in their thousands while DJI Phantoms are admired and used worldwide.

You can buy DJI products online and in retail stores.  Check our lists here or simply order direct from DJI by clicking the banner below.  They ship worldwide and prices will be in shown in a variety of currencies.

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